Over at the Van Hees'

Hosting the works of Kathy and Kris.

We have our own domain, with a fairly unusual name. The reasons behind the name and alot of the contents of this site are explained on a separate page, along with some hard facts about our computing facilities. As usual, all pages on this server are often being reworked, so please accept our apologies for any issues you may encounter. Any and all feedback on how we may be able to improve this site is always welcome and can be sent to us by email.

We each have our own area on this server, although we definitely help out eachother quite often. While Kathy has alot of fun writing more information about our family, Kris concentrates mostly on software development projects. He is also responsible for keeping our machines running smoothly.

Kathy's area
Our Wedding  -  a celebration of love and dedication
Kris' area
Parallel User Interface Rendering  -  a website dedicated to Kris' doctoral research
Abyss  -  an object oriented programming language
DGD  -  DGD source code cross reference
Pictures  -  a collection of personal pictures
Hosted mailing lists
Adnd  -  a private list for a campaign we're running
CaseyD  -  a mailing list discussing the design of Abyss
Viking  -  a mailing list discussing the future of VikingMUD

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